Thursday, February 01, 2007

2 nights off, 50 euros down... oh well :)

Last night's apres ski gig was cancelled due to lack of power(!) - the Alba had a power cut and when I last heard they had a small army of people trying to get the place reconnected. Pity, we look forward to those gigs, they're really intimate, easy to set up and I've got used to playing without an amplifier... it's nice to play a laid-back set after the insanity of tuesday and the coming storm of friday nights!

Pity about the cancellation too because I was chatting to some nice lads who work for Cisco in the UK (you can take the boy out of the tech company.... but....) - we had a nice long chat here in the Brussels about all manner of stuff technical, I was telling them this was my little break before trying to get a job on the other side of the mobile fence, as it were, in networks (which have to be stable, therefore software testing is taken more seriously - I hope ). When I told them we were gigging in the Alba Stone Bar in the evening, they worked out their evening schedule to make sure they came to see us and then see the football afterwards, which is a pleasant change from the Aspen where we often set up our gear with Sky Sports showing premiership matches over our heads!!! We end up watching the last half hour of the game before we go on, but it hasn't sparked some interest in the beautiful game in my head, it still leaves me a bit cold... I'm too much of a middle class white kid I guess.

Kid?.... one of the nice things on this trip has been meeting guys half my age and actually having good conversations with them, where we actually talk, not those nightmare scenarios where you realise you've lost touch with the dizzying pace of teenage culture (i.e. you end up talking like their dads and looking like a middle aged faker!)... there's some really good people out here, friendly, enthusiastic. Big shout to the guy I was talking to last night, he was great fun and a blade skier as well - kudos there - with a green streak in his fringe which was apparently 5 or 6 washes old! I must admit I'm not a loreal advert watcher but I got the point.

Right, I've got to do some tinkering with the Janeiro site ( and then I can get togged up and go up the mountain. I want to see how the top of Solana looks in the streaming sun! Guess I won't need so many layers as I had last time heh heh!

Cheerio punters - SHOTS!

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