Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Urgh! Still got his crappy cold!

I wanted to get up the mountain again today, but this wierd sore throat / sneezing sometimes thing has left me feeling really flat... I got up at 3:30pm this afternoon! Must have had about 10 hours sleep...

On the music front the 6 string Tobias is sounding fantastic on stage. he guys rearranged things last night on stage so Steve could have a monitor of sorts. We've got a pretty good PA here, 3 x 1.5Kw amps and a three-way crossover to split out the low, mid and high into separate channels, then 4 4x10 ( 4 x 10 inch speakers) cabinets for the low and mid and 2 1x15 peaveys on stands for the top end. What they've done is taken one of the midrange 4x10 cabinets and put it at the back, moving the marshall wall of noise up to the front and putting the mixing desk / poweramps cabinet at the back too. The stage sound at the back is much better, Steve can hear more of his own drums and the guitars are forward of him so he's not going deaf with it.

Unfortunately, with the rewiring came a small problem, but it made me giggle :) during the soundcheck we did of this new setup, Steve came to the conclusion it was much much better, which is cool. Then at the end of the first set he declared it was worse than ever! I thought maybe the crossover needed adjusting, so I had a small fiddle but while I was working out if I was making a difference I noticed that the cabinet Steve had beside him was getting no signal at all! The XLR cable from the crossover was knackered! :)

So perhaps perception is 9/10ths of the law? heh heh

The gig was OK but I'm feeling a bit lacking in evergy at the moment, and I've sort of been demoted to the back beside Steve. Seeing the silver lining in this (it's pretty much the same "hired hand" feeling I often get at o'neills in Oxford) I've started singing less and playing better bass, which I find very satisfying.

I've also decided to try to write something for Pussycats up the hill - they apparently play some pretty hard RnB and House late on in the evening, so maybe with the massive stock of drum loops and noises I've got on here I can come up with a pussycat theme tune for them :) It's the object of my myspace music profile which I'm trying to ramp up as the Janeiro thing ramps down. That's on and I'll post the results of my noodlin'. I'm hoping for something with huge slap bass on it but a massive beat as well.

Sitting here in the Aspen I've currently got one of the crappy Sky channels raging in my ear and my god, the UK really is a hotbed of paranoid advertising isn't it? It's all about missing out, going downhill, what happens when the worst happens, Dell say they build PCs "just for you" - what a pile of unadulterated shite. As for Carol Vorderman... don't get me started!

Christ, do I really want to go back to the country that watches this shit? ARGH!

I should end this, the cold is warping my words. Or maybe it's helping my honesty gland.

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