Tuesday, February 27, 2007

And now, the end is near...

And so I face the final couple of weeks.... :)
Overall the experiment has been fun, but now I find myself starting to think about what will happen when I get back (apart from being totally blissed out to be back with Nic and the mogs). My last CV is on this laptop so I can work on it while I'm out here, and there are a couple of agents who want it asap (I've been naughty and haven't brushed it up to send to them yet).

Trouble is, I'm not sure which sector I want to work in. I do enjoy software testing, and the background in mobile telecomms is useful (not that many people have done the kind of work I have done)... as ever, it's probably more useful to take stuff out of the picture than to try to come up with a whole new picture from scratch.

So I suspect ( I think I mentioned this before!) I won't be working with mobile handets again (although I have decided I won't say I'll never go back to Panasonic, this is probably a fallback position!) - software testing is becoming more and more of a squeezed afterthought in that arena!!

It would be fun to test software that was to do with something i was really interested in - like music, say. Wonder if Steinberg have any labs near me? I should do some research.

I should go and set the studio up again in my room: maybe I can get some big beats to congeal into something interesting...

Quick personal feeling note - it's wierd, but with Richie here essentially it's Breeze+1 (and guess who's the +1?) so I'm feeling a little lonely at the moment. Luckily I'm used to doing stuff on my own, so I can keep myself amused... but even so, it's a little bit of a comedown to the norm where I'm at the front of the stage. I'm compensating by singing less and enjoying some technical playing on the bass (I've even started playing the 6 string in the Aspen, not donw that before!).

Looking forward to getting back to the 5 string Warwick Fretless!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy - Don't feel like the 'Fourth Man', a gooseberry interloper in a cosy trio. Your strengths are evident.
You have (and always will be) an integral part of Janeiro who have entertained us so well all season here in Andorra. We will be sad to see you go.

Who is this 'Ritchie' anyway? Prefer the original line-up any day!