Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today I'll mostly be recovering from yesterday

Apologies to Fast Show fans :) I think the sheer amount of work I did yesterday wiped me out! Feeling very odd today, sort of disconnected... it's not entirely unpleasant, but it's that old "cotton wool in the head" feeling. I suspect if I get back to the flat and set up the studio for a bit of noodlin I'll feel better.

I should work on "shyboy" some more. Although I don't really like Billy Sheehan's solo stuff (to be honest, the last album of his I bought, "compression", was just wierd - you can't actually hear the bass on it, I suspect Billy may have dissappeared up that grind tone of his entirely) the stuff he has done in the past with Talas and DLR / Steve Vai is spectacular - the dual bass / guitar work on eat em and smile and ( to a lesser extent ) skyscraper is still a technical marvel and probably some of the more complex 2-hand tap ( in a guitar style, not hamm-ish ) you can try to learn.

Couple this with Windows Media player 11, which now has a speed control function with pitch correction, and you get something you can train phrases with! Very useful when you're stuck out between france and Spain :)

Big shout to Ed Buckland who just sent me a possible linkedin recommendation. To say I blushed is an understatement. More people should have mates like Ed, he's a top bloke.

Last night's gig was pretty quiet, and the Aspen was like a sauna... hey, that gives me an idea, maybe I should go blast the crap out of my head at the spa...

Final decision on the burton bindings.... it's a no. I will save the board for next year's excursion, wherever that turns out to be, and ride the burton with good friends on a 6 day pass (who knows, 2 weeks again?) and do nothing but board and enjoy their company (hi Tom, Ingy, Jim, luvly wife Nic and maybe Ed!) - none of this working business that keeps you up until 2am!

No gig in the Alba tonight, so a quiet night which is much appreciated. Time indeed to get Cubase out and have some fun with it! Wish I had bigger speakers to mess with... I'll stick with the sennheiser cans I've had for the last 17 years :)

Cheers all. BTW, are there any panasonic guys still reading this? Has the company finally been closed? It's gone real quiet....

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