Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The pub crawl night extension theory

Jamie's got a nose for knowing when a night is going to be good - he predicted we'd be able to do another set last night when James wasn't so sure. By the time we finished the place looked like another crawl had come in!

Good night last night, but the trace V4 combo definitely needs looking after - the biasing is definitely wrong and I'm wondering if a couple of the tubes are on the way out, it seems to start loud then get quieter!

All I need is a voltmeter.

Oh - and I repaired the radio pack AGAIN, this time hopefully permanently, and Jamie said if it messed up he was going to smash it to pieces (I begged him not to!) but my repair seems to have done the trick, it did well all the way through his bar-jumping histrionics (it looks pretty cool when he gets the JD poured into his mouth while playing and leaning backwards onto the bar from behind it!)... so the pack has the right to live, for now... :)

Wonder where I can get that voltmeter from...

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