Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A great day boarding!

Well, I didn't get up the mountain yesterday like I wanted to, but the snow stuck around for me to get up there today - and there's been enough to open up the valley at the back of soldeu to the north, so I got onto some pistes I haven't been on before! I even found one or two little areas of fresh powder and wiped out lovely in the deep stuff, sending up powdery smoke signals and laughing lots! Shortly after one of those I found a natural half pipe to wind my way back to the piste again, looking like a greenish yeti :)

And now it's winding up to tuesday night gig time, and I'm chatting with my gorgeous wife Nic thanks to skype, for nowt! lovely!

Mind you, I now know EDF energy are asking £400 for gas from 30th Nov which sounds insane... oh well, silver linings!

Cheers peeps!

Ps - anybody from panasonic still alive out there?

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