Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nic gets here tomorrow! And...

Really looking forward to seeing Nic. Music comes from your heart (well, original music does, when you play covers your enthusiasm and drive comes from your heart!) and Nic is all of my heart (slush alert, and I ain't talking the snow out here)....

oh, and she bought a pool table. Full size, slate top, what a nutcase - but a really cool thing to have! :)

Certainly beats some of the other mad stuff she's bought in the past. Which includes...

- two pianos for £10
- several stone of fresh fish when we didn't have freezer space for it (bless!)

Actually that's all of it :) I think this is her best buy though. Apparently it looks wicked, and came from who came and set it up ready to go. She's now looking at sparkly spot and stripe balls for extra cheesy look :)

Cheerio all! BTW, it's snowing here in Andorra! Yay! We'll have snow to ski and board on while she's out!

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