Sunday, February 25, 2007

Geeky but Cheeky :)

Just another quick posting. The Aspen where we have our residency is across the road from the Brussels where I do all this internettin'.

Just found out their aerial is way powerful enough to reach across the road and into the Aspen, so I'm sitting in the bar typing this :)

Cheeky, but boy do I love wifi :) And Skype - listen, if you can get skype, do it. Not only is it free to call other people on skype (you're paying for your internet access of course, unless you're blagging it off an unsecured aerial!) but the calls to landlines are really cheap. How else could I call Nic at work during the week from Andorra for 1.7 cents a minute???

Great technology enables: it doesn't befuddle. So far, Skype have kept the front end clean (they have added tabbed panes with stuff on I don't use in the relentless western quest for making things more profitable though) so it works like it says on the tin. Apple style logic - I admire that - high tech should not have to be terrifying!

Mind you, with my background I probably can't take an objective view of what someone else would find technologically terrifying! All this typing should mean I can still get a secretarial job when I get back lol!

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