Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hullo all!

Just a quick one. Got the apres ski gig this evening followed by another Aspen Angst Session (last night was hectic, good sound though, pleased with it) - I need to wax the warwick again, it's hard hard work up there.

That reminds me, I must find some tab for "Country Music, a night in hell" so I can get the tap bits right - I can do the slap, but not the tap (well, not all of it, I can get the end - it's the really fast arpeggios I can't hear out).

Fingers holding up well, the nail bed on the middle finger of my right hand is recovering from the annoyance it received following the fixing of the van by gaffa (which reminds me of another thing, must check the coolant level in the van before we set off this evening to make sure it hasn't been losing as much as I think it might heh heh time for a couple of good clips I think!)

The weather here is still far too warm - there's some predictions I've seen of snow in a week, but rain before then(!) as it's so warm - this is just bonkers. I've seen snow reports for Val D'isere and they do have snow, but not a huge amount and not all runs are open: however, Banff appears to be having a great year, and by the looks of their snow history (going back to 2001) they really do get consistently good conditions every year. I'd like to go back and get some fun boarding in without a freshly broken wrist to keep me slow :)

Toodle pip!

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