Monday, February 05, 2007

Great night last night!

Suundays are usually quite quiet, we do a half-gig (meaning only one 45 minute set) but last night was the exception! Great gig, receptive audience of newbies who got into the spirit of things (and there are a few instructors in training who keep shouting "shots!" after every song - sometimes it's like being a zoo animal, I tell you! Fun though) - Big shouts to Bern and Amanda down from Oxford, especially Bern who got the shots to the stage most of the time - the bar staff were too busy!

And Virtu - you little devil - we can tell when the shots are lemonade! The bubbles are a dead giveaway.

We have hazy cloud today, I'm hoping the forecasts for snow flurries will come to something. Must find a good weather site with good sattelite shots I can look at. Sometimes you get the feeling you might be able to predict the weather better than the professionals... but you're probably just kidding yourself.

Counting down the days to Nic coming over on the 9th! I'll have to straighten out the room a bit, it's full of drying laundry! In the typical batchelor style, I have taken on a clean if crumpled look (a signature style I admit is not all my own) as we don't have an ironing board. Steve (to my surprise) religiously irons everything including jeans - this is the man who looks to be allergic to washing up! C'mon big guy, get yours hands wet - worried they won't be so soft? ;-P It's good to have a little friction occasionally heh heh but let's not get to the police side of things eh? Sting and Copeland were not good chums by all accounts... which makes it wierder that the police are actually doing some gigs this year!

I think I'd like to see that. London and Paris, I think they're doing. I wonder if they've shaken hands and made up? Reading on good ol t'internet a bit I see that it's 30 years since they formed this year, a good excuse to release a compilation and do a bit of a reunion tour to back it up. Wonder if they'll be any good? I'd like to see them, didn't get the chance while they were still togther, I was just about getting into iron maiden at that point :)

Cheersh all!

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