Sunday, February 25, 2007

Losing your temper (a bit) on stage is never good...

Don't worry, I didn't do anything I regret apart from throw a few harsh words. Last night's gig was fun, Richie has arrived and we're playing as a 4 piece - the sound is huge! - and Steve, bless him, has managed to move his drums so far right there's plenty of space for me to stand with a mic (so still able to sing - did Dani California last night no probs) and play, but I can't jump about quite so much :)

During the first set some Irish lads (much boozed up) - I say lads, they were red-faced middle aged men really - got a bit carried away. In hindsight, they weren't lairy or violently inclined, they just didn't know where the lines in the sand were, so to speak. Smiley fellas, but causing a bit too much disruption, which really peaked when one of them managed to somehow throw a shoe at the stage. Luckily it was low, and only knocked over Rich's pint, but Jamie immediately asked over the mic who threw it, we brought the music right down, and at that point I spotted the git who had one shoe off. Jamie told him to leave, and I spat some rather ill-advised invective, punk style, at him and then the whole group, telling them in no uncertain terms they should all get out. Nothing kicked off in terms of bad blood, I think we rather scared them as the bar staff then started asking them to leave. There's no security staff in the Aspen per se, but Neil (a fine scottish mountain of a man, gym-trained and over 6 foot!) was basically telling them to get out in gentleish terms. James the bar managed joined in too. We finished one other song, then went for our break.

During the break I stayed on stage to protect the gear (a good idea, 2 of them decided to invade the stage separately while it looked empty) but the guys were basically telling James we wouldn't play until they left. A couple of the younger Irish fellas made some lame excuses to me about it being a bit harsh (which didn't get any sympathy from me) but we went on for our second set while they were still there.

Then the most remarkable thing happened: I suspect they thought the pub was being entertained by them in the first set (which was, of course, patent testicles) and they realised in the second set that most of the other people in the pub thought they were a bunch of arseholes. I saw what had been a small (what, 6?) group of rather rambunctious gits turn into a smaller looking group of people who had the wind totally sucked out of their sails by our 2nd song. They dribbled out of the front door as we played looking pretty sheepish :)

After that, the set was fantastic. We had a great time playing tracks we only usually play as a 4 piece, including some Pink Floyd which sounded enormous. Scissor sisters too!

Overall, no danger of anything ever happening, but it was an interesting study of how even over-zealous annoying idiots can be totally defused by realising they really aren't funny at all. By the end I found myself having a bit of pity for 'em, which is without a doubt the worst emotion you can feel for anyone :)

Cheers all!


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