Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of radio packs etc....

I finaly repaired the NADY radio pack Jamie uses for it to last 2 gigs! Seems like it has now decided to keep working - he got all the way around the bar and came back onstage from the very back last night and the signal JUST kept itself up OK. Those hot sweaty dancing gyrating heaving bodies can block the radio really well... :)

It's getting around to string boiling time... the Warwick has 35s on it again (elites, no less!) so after the 45s on the Hohner they're going to feel like putty in the Alba tonight!

Must dash. Got to repair (or have a look at) Sugarhouse Lane's bass this evening. Top two strings sound to be out of phase.... no volume!

Bleargh! (as they used to say in Kerrang)

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