Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damn! Missed the bus!

... but I did get into SkypeOut yesterday. I've been using an Andorra Mobiland SIM to ring back to the UK, which isn't cheap - but it is cheaper than being stiffed by VodaBone for 75p + 99p per minute(!) - SATTELITE PHONES ARE CHEAPER THAN THAT!

Skypeout charge me 1.7 CENTS a minute - i.e. just over a penny. Good job I brought this laptop out, I knew it would be useful but I didn't realise just how useful. I expected to do some skyping with Nic at home but I didn't think I'd prefer to call the UK using my laptop, period! 10 euros of credit are going to last me all month!

Even if you call a mobile from skype it's still only 20.7 cents a minute. Not too shabby. My folks were certainly impressed!

Oh yeah, missed the bus. The Aspen Staff Lunch (as arranged by the inimitable James) is today - and I slept in, despite getting an earlyish night! The pub crawl night last night was busy for sure, we got a little sidetracked when Steve's highhat pedal (this is one he's using to replace the one he has already ditched!) came apart just before we started the Arctic Monkeys... but the final set turned out OK! I suspect we're all waiting for another insane audience like last week's. Maybe tonight will come up trumps!

I thought about going up the mountain today but decided on reflection I'd rather come down to my favourite watering hole and get a lemonade or two in me. The sun is beaming down on us again, the snow we had in town has melted but the stuff on the mountain still looks pretty good on the runs down to the gondola. I'll go out on thursday and try to get a full day in - wednesday's apres gig finishes early so I can try to get my head down to get up for the first lift if possible.

I think the season pass is probably an expenditure I'm not going to need - if I got up the mountain 3 times a week I think I'd probably collapse on stage!! Actually, I'd probably get fit enough that I'd do better on stage so maybe it's time to be honest and say that I'd rather be boarding up there with Nic!!! I do get into it on my own eventually (just me and the iPod) but it's the getting up and getting up there that's tricky.

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