Friday, January 26, 2007

Adjustments... good day yesterday!

It's been a long time since I lived in a house with other people, and boy can I tell :) Admittedly this is a band I'm living with here, and maybe I'm being over cautious (what, me????) but I can't get merry every night and still put in a gig the next day... besides, I want to get up on the mountain! Now that the new snow is here, I really want to get those bindings... that burton board looks like a piece of installation art! That's just wrong, as Steve would say....!

Just seen a wicked shot by my mate Skip Bruce on Flickr - he's using a funky little Casio camera and this is the sharpest shot I think I've seen from it -

wicked shot, eh? I need to pass my bike licence when I get back so I can tour places like that. B&B hopping in the northern summer sounds like a nice couple of weeks. Wonder if Nic and I could get up there on the train with the bike?

Friday night gig tonight, and I'm feeling more up for it that last week, after recovering from that cold. I'm still on some antibios to clear the sinus infection I picked up in the UK before I left (that'll be the legacy from Panasonic - a lingering sinus infection! Curse that crappy aircon!) but it's going, gradually. It's funny, but years of poorly animated bugs in adverts on TV means I really do visualise the contents of my sinus cavities as having small grimacing amoeba with pickaxes chipping at my membranes... culture is not the word I would use, despite its double meaning :)

Right, must find that Trace Elliot manual - the V4 combo needs rebiasing and surprise surprise the manual was lost long ago...

This weeks rock n roll cliche: repairing a coolant tube in the van using gaffa tape (your truly) so we could make it to the apres ski gig on saturday!

How I laughed as I tried to get Gaffa to stick to sub-zero temperature rubber hose :)


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