Monday, January 22, 2007


Holy cow, it's snowing. Big fat flakes of it. The pavement outside has gone white in about 10 minutes. Scary! It's been bright sunshine (I'm talking t shirt weather) since I got here - the whole of europe has deferred winter, it seems, even moscow's red square didn't get any snow this january!

I think the big ol storm which wrecked big bits of aforementioned Europe (Germany in particular got hammered) finally blew that high pressure off the map and now the cold front is reaching down from russia over france and into spain (touching the pyrenees!).

It's good news though, the lower pistes here had gone very very brown, and I gather the reservoir for the snow cannons was used up too.

Phew! Perhaps the season will last a little longer.

Big shout to Nic, back in the UK and back at work. Sorry about the work bit hun! Your pictures are still above our heads while we sweat our way through the shot song :)

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