Monday, January 29, 2007

A couple of days off...

Sorry about the weekend off from posting (I know there are many millions of you out there keen to read a blog which contains no political analysis, up-to-date opinions of crappy news events, endless negativity about the the human condition, etc etc etc!) it's been sort of hectic, but lots of fun.

I've secured a great deal to keep getting the internet from the brussels, I can really recommend this place - they're really friendly, the food is great and the internet is high-speed. That's my dweeb recommendation anyway :) I like the light while typing as well. The Aspen is a totally different kettle with wicked pool tables, table football (good ones too) and big screen sky and snowboarding DVDs - and the attic serves the best texmex I've had in a while (apart from my own chillis, of course, which have a reputation all their own).

Well, friday night's gig was pretty insane - take a look at the janeiro blog for a potted history of some of the highpoints, including the Irish, who made the weekend along with the other nutters on the top floor of the Aspen! We played Bob Marley! (well, a bit of it anyway - Nic, it was no woman no cry, but we did it at the right speed - no muppets on stage here heh heh :)

Also heard from James at the Aspen he's organised a staff lunch on tuesday in Spain! A nice little mountain restaurant, apparently - sounds like fun, a lazy afternoon before the big gig of the night! I like James a lot: he's got a lot of personality, his diplomacy skills are impressive and he's not obsessed with the bottom line, from what I can tell - he's more interested in the bar's atmosphere, which ultimately is the underlying cause for great profit - if you can keep the atmos going week to week (the "fresh meat", as Steve puts it, rolls in on coaches on Sunday! It's an affectionate term though!) then you're going to do well. And James is really happy with the way the bar is running this year - good staff who all get on. It really does feel a bit like a movie set some nights - "coyote ugly" meets "from dusk till dawn" (although we don't suck blood as a rule - Jamie and I have bled a little onstage but not julian cope style mind)

In other personal news, I think some of the chubby may be shed from my waist before the end of the season - belts are being tightened to prevent any Jim Morrison style antics onstage! I would hope that all this effort and hard work would pay off!

Can't wait to get back on the piste - think I may try to get up there tomorrow afternoon for another bit of fun - but I'm still in 2 minds about buying the burton bindings: more snow and I'll be set. The Salomon (with the cool Flows) will have to do for now. It's getting me around just fine - I'm no star on a board, I just enjoy some fairly quick free riding (although I have tried to kick off from one or two tiny bumps at lower speeds to see what it's like - nothing clever mind, I know what broken wrists feel like!!)

Right, more emailing to do... hey you Panasonic types, did you get my mail???? Where are you all? OK, I know you're at work, and I definitely sent the emails there... Tell me I'm not that depressing, am I? Yipe!

Cheers one and all!

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