Sunday, January 07, 2007

A posting from the Pyrenees!!!

Holy cow, we made it! 14 hours (with 1 hour for misc stops including several cans of red-bull style drink for Andy) and aboot 500 miles of rain for the second half, but we made in in a oner.

I can recommend using the channel tunnel to get across BTW, 35 minutes and you end up popping up near the calais ferry terminals. Very useful for a quick trip to Eastenders (which was sadly shut when we sped by!).

Soldeu is really pretty, the ski area is pretty big across the GranValaria area BUT... at the moment we're in a snow crisis and no mistake! The alps got a big dump the other day but it didn't get down here..... still, Nic and I went up the slops today and had a lot of fun on the pistes which the guys are doing a great job of keeping in a remarkably good condition. Good on them.

The gigs?... they're great fun. We've got a really good looking stage at the Aspen where our main gig is (as Janeiro, no less!) - the backdrop is in service and looks the part. I'll post a picture of the stage as soon as Nic (our caterer, transport specialist to Pas de la Casa and photographer!) takes one.

Funniest moment at the mo is Jamie being called "steve" in 50,000 copies of the village magazine (the season's one!) - J is taking it rather well :) We helped out Elvis with his stage setup the other week... I repaired his mike cable. How surreal... he does a great Brucie impression as well.

Right, gotta scoot. I'll post again soon!



Anonymous said...

Piste Off?
How good a condition can the piste be with no snow? Is it cold enough for the snow cannons to put snow down yet? Can you get big air doing an air to fakie nose grab out of the half pipe yet? I keep watching X-games but you're never on :o(

Please post some action shots soon!

Anonymous said...

If the people can't go to the music...
...why not bring music to the people? How about posting an MP3 sample of some of Janeiro's finest work, preferably with a bass solo of course. Hopefully it's not your idle photographer responsible for recording it or we'll be waiting forever.