Saturday, January 27, 2007

Big night last night. Oh yes.

Lots happened last night so I'll itemise for brevity ( got another gig in an hour! ):
1. The audience were mad - learned "shots!" in only 2 takes!
2. 2 great guys matched us for shots at the bar and brought them when the staff were too busy (which was all night, the place was rammed)
3. Steve broke 3 drumsticks, which were given to audience members, one of whom was daft enough to play a cymbal behind my back - I heard steve bellow "I WILL KILL YOU" very loud behind me a trust me, he stopped :)
4. Irish people on the top floor jumped and shouted so hard I thought the balcony would come down!
5. Radio pack annoyed Jay again - but he accidentally pulled it out of the guitar we reckon!
6. I played the Warwick and it sounded SPEC-tacular compared to the hohner - I hadn't realised - plus lower gauge strings = VERY fast playing. Funky, too. Felt very familiar and highly malleable!
7. I went home for about 2.30am ish after clearing stuff up and taking some shots of the bar for the myspace site (
8. Everybody else rolled in about 4:30am I think and I woke at 5 with Steve praying to the pocelain god (poor lamb!) - these great gigs tend to leave the kids (as I comedically call them) "up for it" as I believe they say (where's me zimmer) - I think Jamie's missed the lesson he was due to give this PM!
9. Jamie did the alternative version of Angels (robbie W) for the first time while Katie was listening and her face was a picture :)

Right, apart from that, I've been busy posting things to Myspace, including a couple of new videos - so get on over there (the link's on the right somewhere!) and have a look!

Must get back up the hill and get ready for apres ski! The van is now stationed at the bottom of the hill in a car park in case of more snow, it doesn't cope well with the hill... my gaffa tape fix of the coolant pipe to the expansion tank seems to be holding, more or less - certainly, the tank didn't empty! Hopefully there's good antifreeze to protect against the lo lo temps we've got now (mainly thanks to the snow I think).

Gotta scoot and pay my brussels bill (mmmmm tagliatelle bol today, more than I could eat for 8 euros!) - I just camp in here during the day really!

Cheers chums (oh, and... "shots!")

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