Monday, January 01, 2007

Chunnel Funnel

Well, you still have to wait it seems :) Glad we decided to do it this way, it's really windy out there and I get the feeling we'd both be a little green on the ferry.

Speaking of ferries, satnav reckons the chunnel is one. "unspecified ferry", it thinks. Hmm.

Nice sunny day, the gulls are wheeling around and the car is full. Couldn't bring the mixing desk, sadly, it wouldn't fit!

Also, I think it would have been to big to be useful in soldeu, apprently the aspen stage is smallish and the existing mackie desk is rack mounted with the poweramps in a cool wheelie coffee table thingy!

Anyone know if the horse carved into the hill beside us while waiting for boarding is the EDF energy logo?

BTW, hope they sell strings out there, I've got some but not a massive amount! Also need a small Midi controller, maybe a couple of octaves.

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