Monday, November 22, 2004

What a weekend...

Well, the great Citrus Waltz Rosemore Session went with a multi-coned and heavily amplified bang!

The results (6 Cubase live multi-track recording projects) will not be carefully pored over to polish them to a previously unthought-of quality for CW recordings.

I'll be burning the projects onto DVD and sending them out to the guys as well, so they can tinker.

Smurf's Marshall misbehaved a bit though, it keeps "popping" and dropping out, like the mosfet is overheating for a split second, then it rapidly evens out and continues along as if nothing happened. I'll have to do some fly editing to the recordings of his guitar (the Peavey SM58-a-likes do a fine job of getting a good sound from his amp!) and use good sections to paste over the pops.

Greg seems to have adjusted to rubber drums really well :) Perhaps a little drive on his drums will warm them up a bit.

I was stunned at the effect (no pun intended) when I applied a little VST "tube" drive to the bass track. I was unimpressed by the top end I was getting on the G string snaps in STD, and couldn't really get any life into them using the VST channel parametrics. Apply a little tube warmth first, and BANG! I can hear them popping out really nicely!

Pity we didn't have more time, doubling the guitars would make the sound much much bigger. Maybe Smurf can work on that once I distribute the recordings!

I now realise I really do need a PA as well. Having Pete essentially sing through my HiFi (although it can take the heat) was a little disconcerting. Something not too high powered, just a power amp and a couple of 12" cabs.

And emptying the crap out of the corner of the studio made me realise how much the room needs reorganising!

All in all, a nice little musical weekend. We even worked on a new track which I had thought before didn't need drums or bass - but once the 4-way magic lemon mojo got working, I was convinced we can do this track some serious justice! It's not what I expected at all... and fretless to boot!

Comedy musical moment for me was playing the Chili's "Can't Stop" on the Ashbory (which is minus a G string until I get the sets from Germany!)... and also playing a funked-up ad-hoc version of "I will survive", which Greg rose to splendidly (splashy pop hihats ahoy)


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