Wednesday, November 10, 2004

For the love of Warwick...

Dear lord, I love that bass. Every time I pick it up, it begs to be played in a way almost none of the others do! I think it's something about the chunky neck, which is quite different to any of the others.

It's a FNA jazzman ltd edition 2002 model, with a stunning swirly bubinga top which apparently came from a stock of woods saved for 10 years. Built to celebrate the Warwick anniversary, by the master bulder himself, it's a stunning instrument. In fact, it's strung 2 guages heavier than my other basses, but those warwick cores make them so flexible I can play anything on there.

In other news... I hope my latest acquisition doesn't impact my playing too much. I bought a motorcycle! A 21 year young Virago XV1000. It's in pretty good nic, starts nicely and came with a workshop manual by an amercan company named "clymer" who totally rule - Haynes would piss in their pants if these guys got their act together over here!

I started it myself for the first time last night. I sounds superb, not too loud but with a wonderful thoaty roar from the 2 coke-bottle sized cylinders!

Something to clean and tinker with mechanically. Nice.

All I have to do now is get my licence... Started that, got to find a date for my CBT, in a weekend somewhere. Then it's direct access (as I'm over 21) over what sounds like about 3 days and then I'm qualified. Classic bike insurance is available, and I could get it for about 200 quid with limited milage (not a problem - I'd be surprised if I manage 3000 miles a year, its's a fun thing and tax is only 33 quid a year at the moment. Don't know a thing about how much MOTs are though!

Rabbit rabbit rabbit... Did I mention the 20th is set as a citrus waltz reunion? Greg wants to try to record "no one knows"...

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