Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Citrus Fun!

Well, spoke to Petey C (erstwhile crooner and fellow Citrus Slice) last night, and it's all on: the clan will be reunited on Saturday morning, to much noise and fun. Smurf's amp is coming as well, and may work(!) - if it doesn't, I'll have to think of a solution :)

There will be new music (gasp) so it's a good job I just realised it was wednesday and not thursday. A little more time to think up something interesting. I quite fancy some really cheesy rock basslines, maybe even with a pick(!) - a canadian rock parody perhaps?

New year plans
Pete also tells me he's got some fireworks that didn't get used Nov 5th as they were too big for the garden: so they're making their way to us at new year! Decided it'll be a great idea to get even more and have an impressive display. So that's at least one thing organised. heh! Looks like it'll be a real val doonican new year, with the house hopefully full of people who don't want the clamour of a huge street party this year.

Bikey bikey
Been cleaning and polishing again! It does come up nice. You can see your face in the air cleaner cover on the RHS!

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