Wednesday, November 24, 2004

No Citrus Waltz mixing done yet...

.. and there's another project on the horizon. Joost, the enthusiastic young demon skinsman, has dropped the CD of songs to learn for recording at his college (for his course), and I've got to digest, learn style, etc before the 3rd of December so I can record it. I think I'll be working late on this stuff until then... there's a house inspection next monday to cope with as well (Rosemore is a BIG house) and the windows are all mouldy with the weather turning... argh!

Mind you, I realised on the way home last night what an opportunity getting digital multitracks of citrus waltz down actually represents: I can take out the fluffs in the bass parts, fix the bits where Smurf's temperamental amp chopped out (apparently, according to a guy in the music store where Smurf took it in to try to get it fixed, these Marshall Valvestates don't like gigging!) and apply VST effects to my heart's content. I could even record some extra instrumentation/effects/vocals... although those'd definitely be well in the future!

With nearly all the band having Cubase now, I think a DVDR of the stuff we've recorded in it's original Cubase form would be a great starting point for something more demo-like - and not the sort of demo we used to make to get university hall of residence balls in St Andrews (oh yes, gentle reader, I used to play in bands in St Andrews University where Prince William's presence has rendered the place culturally sterile and rich at the same time - spent 9 years plying my bass skills in various bands...) - this demo will be something much more enduring, and a tad easier on the ear :)

I read yesterday an editorial where an ol lady said "you never feel much older than 28 inside anyway" - I'm starting to wonder if it's actually younger than that for some... I still can't bring myself to clean entire houses out of habit, still need someone to be coming to look around the house with a (reasonably) critical eye to get me started on the oven :)

Not the houseproud type, clearly.

Oh, and it's CBT on sunday: the first step to getting the virago into gear, so to speak. I did run it on sunday before everybody left so they could hear it. It never fails to disappoint me... just noticed this morning though, the cover for the left hand side supplementary fuel tank is missing! Must have fallen off somewhere down the line. I'll have to get a new one of those, although I have a suspicion it'll be a yamaha dealer job :)

Still haven't cleaned the left hand side yet!

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