Friday, November 12, 2004

(Actually from yesterday)

well, it's late and I've been tinkering with the Virago!

I've isolated the indicator problem, I reckon: it's actually the ignition key barrel. I had the seat off, which didn't take too long. This exposes all the relays, which I don't think had been looked at in ages.

After working out which one was the indcator relay ( the biggest one ) I carefully cleaned the contacts, which were a little corroded. Aha... They worked once I got it all hooked together again, but then stopped after the next turn of the ignition key.

After a little WD40 iin the general area of the ignition, things have improved. The only way to make it a full 100% though is probably going to be a proper stripdown and cleanup of the ignition area. luckily I've got a can of servisol contact cleaner which is right up to the task.

It's going to be so cool! Next I need to get a fuel carrier and bring home some Shell Optimax to top up the tank and keep the small patches of rust inside the tank. Hopefully those can be kept at bay: I don't fancy putting a new tank in!

I've even found retrofit heated hand grips.

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