Monday, November 15, 2004


What a weekend.

Jools, he who gave me a pillion fairground-style ride on his Suzuki (imagine those boat rides you can get on holiday which seem to get too close to the cliffs but never have you in any real danger) came over saturday night. Much beer, wine and whisky was consumed by yours truly - sunday got off to a slow start.

A truly stunning sunny day (frost!) and Nic, Jools and I decided Sunday Roast was in order. So Jools, who had helpfully brought his spare helmet with him, kindly agreed to take the Virago for a spin into Newbury (just as well, it's SORN city for it soon until i get the license) so we could pick up a chicken, etc at Tescos. Very domestic.

The thing really is a monster, even from at the back. Feels so cool when it leans over, real easy rider stuff. Goes well with two on - can't wait to try it on my own.

One tank top-up later (under a tenner) and we're on our way back, with nods from other bikers (the sense of community is infectious) and it's a slap up meal and the Rosemore Oven Baked Orange/Lemon Chicken House. Niiiiiice.


Got all the resources I can muster together to plan out scales regimen: something more structured than the hastily scribbled table of keys, spacing scale types out over a week so I don't get piss bored running through major scales.

I'll be adding arpeggios as well, this is an area I've criminally ignored. Arps are built from chords. Want to make more interesting basslines? Want to manage walking jazz and move around more?: work on your arps.

Did I mention the top string's already snapped on the Ashbory? Tch! Typical! Now I have to source strings from somewhere. Oh, and I still haven't bought that talc.


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