Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Jazz - too much like hard work?

I read an interview (in bass guitar magazine) with the bassist who used to play with Kajagoogoo (OK, I'm going off subject, you think, but bear with me, gentle reader) - Nick Beggs (http://www.nickbeggs.co.uk/), a man who always has something to say.

One idea of his which I've thought on recently was that it was a great idea to learn jazz for the chops, but there's no money in it.

Now I've been metaphorically flogging myself for quite some time about my lack of jazz acumen ( not least because I've attended a few open Jazz nights in Newbury) but it's such hard work... you really need to have some analytical brainpower left at the end of the day to try to squeeze some of this theory into your head. Ideally, I'd love to go back to college again, but hey, this is the one life I have to live, and unfortunately I am now supposed to be a paying member of society, so there you go. Night courses don't sound like they'd do any justice...


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