Friday, November 12, 2004

Dylan Moran - self loathing genius
Just seen this priceless gem in London - his solo show is a total sidesplit. He's even got a beautiful Bernard-style rant about mobiles prepared for when the predictable Nokia "Trigger Happy" grande valse pipes up.

Almost got the indicators on the virago working last night: got the seat off and started cleaning things (lots of oxidised connections) and WD40ing others. Seemed to help for a bit, then they returned to abnormal intermittent working. I suspect it's time to dismantle and clean the ignition key barrel.

It's going to be a quiet weekend, which means, gentle reader, I shall be working on scale exercises and finally formalising the study regime to be run through. Not sure if I'll do daily or try to space things out over a week: thinking about it, the latter is probably a very good idea. I'd like to not get bored.

The ashbory has broken the top string already! typical, it's probably my fault for not having spent more tme stretching the little rubber bugger. Good job strings are cheap, but ehy're also damn hard to fnd.

Online shopping tp of the day: if parcelforce deliver your dabs parcel to "a local post office", make sure you get info out of them about the EXACT one. Currentlydabs are apparently waiting to hear from parcelforce the results of their interview with the driver about where the hell he has left my stuff.


Favourite song listened to today: jackson cannery by Ben Folds, who just postponed his UK tour by 7 months. Grrr again!

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