Sunday, February 20, 2011

Great night at the White Horse

Great night last night - White Horse, Emmer Green, Caversham, Reading.

The pub was packed - great atmosphere, like pubs should be, a lot of happy, friendly, chatty people.

The house band is the function band I'm working with - sounded pretty good for a first stab at public playing: lots of funk too. I think these guys could have a go at some original material... Hmm!

18th March is the next one; come on up and get a seat early - the place is jumpin! My last post shows how quirky the stage area is. It's total 80s front room chic!

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Location:Emmer green

Stop Giving Me Choices

Bless the Hoosiers, they've given me something to think about.

A lot of the best creative work comes from constraint; star wars with physical models and the film print-though matte tech which Lucas and his team perfected still look better than the modern equivalent; they had to create something because they didn't have much choice.

Modern life has created industries who exist only to give choices of approach and tools; apart from the danger of paralysis this creates (which tool? argh)

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Shot from White Horse

Meant for illustrative purposes. The venue feels like a living room! It's like TFI Friday all over again...

YouTube Video

The iPhone's not bad but loud stuff still overloads it totally.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

18 years and counting

Nic and I have been together 18 years, and romance ain't dead yet. Isn't love grand?

Got to make the effort, so I forewent(?) the customary flowers for a "I live hunting chavs" card and a tomtom satnav.

Yep, an old romantic, me.

Dinner is special though.

Love ya Nix