Sunday, October 31, 2004

And so we enter a new era, I've got a flexible keyboard for the ipaq, so expect more postings, gentle reader.

The gig on frday night was hysterical in places. In their defence, I can't slag off he first band, as we pootled up the road towards the dubin castle and got some italian food, knowing in our jaded gig-goers hearts that we wouldn't be missing a vast amont. In hindsight, I wish we'd had the same attitude when we saw franz ferdnand last weekend. First up Bob Logan III was fantastic, the man would be on eurotrash with his buzzsaw bluegrass slide guitar insanity were he a european :) Second was the Kills, who were frankly good for 2 songs until their tortured 2 person detuned guitar/male vox/female vox torpid sub-white stripes dirges finally turned me off enough to have a crack at bluesnarfing the assembled mass of leicester students. Honestly, their drum machine was feeble, their vocals uninspired.

But I digress, the support for Mikey Tramp was great, a real bunch of van halen tributees! The guitaist has great moves, the vocalis had a northern candour which was endearing and the bass player looked part-cylon, part-vogon (dweeb alert!). great act, lots of energy, and the catchy 80s choruses you can follow when thoroughy hammered.

Mike himself? very intimate, as his guitarist had been stopped at gatwick! So it was a 3 piece unplugged set, and great stuff too.

My music?

Joost the drummer wants me to record some stuff for a project he's doing, says he's got friends who asked if I teach. He's still doing a battle of the bands thing, so isn't coming down to castle roseore at the moment. Stuff will happen, just keep telling myself that...

Friday, October 29, 2004

well, here's me, on my way into london to see - get this - Mike Tramp! Yes, he of "white lion" fame, 90s rock band repletee with standard big hair.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

First Past the Post

The FAQing start

Name: Andy Watt
Occupation: Bored shitless Mobile Phone Test Engineer (5 years); Bass Player (16 years)
Goals: Few, total boredom only punctuated by desire to "be happy". Utterly unsubscribed to the notion that happiness is gained through being a good little member of society - work hard your whole life and you'll suddenly realise what a schmuck you were when you hit 65 and then have to work another 5 years because the baby boomers were the only lucky bastards to get the utopian Pension Dream...

I suppose I just want to not have to get RSSI and go blind from... working at a computer all day. This really isn't how we're supposed to exist, it can't be. Can it?