Sunday, February 27, 2005

Nelly the Virago packed her trunk...

Well, she would if she had one.

Just testing a flickr photo-to-blog thing. Seems to work fine... so I've posted a pic of the virago all the time, trouble and cash is going to see me cruising along the congested berkshire highways on :)


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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. I started riding an Aspencade last year. My 7th time riding I crashed and did some major damage to myself, (fine now) the bike was merely scratched up a bit. I do plan on getting back on this summer. It should save at least on gas with our long commute for work.
I enjoy reading your blog, my daughter plays a mean bass as well, that's what caught my eye initially. She has studied at Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado and now just finished up at CU Boulder School of Music. Now if she can only get a good job. Or at least do something in the music field that would be fun and make some decent money. Am I dreaming?