Monday, February 07, 2005

Could it be...

Well, went to see Jake in his Crawley studio yesterday. Great guy, full of frenetic energy and very definitely keen on funk and getting people dancing. Crucial, that. Great studio, too. Protools on a Mac G4, automated desk, plenty of good outboard effects. Sounds great.

I got put on the spot when he rolled out a track he was working on (nice twisted beat) and attempted manfully to try to get busy over the top of it... cue sweat moment, that actually felt like the audition bit :)

Then Jake picked up a parker fly guitar and started reeling out some stone funk choppiness and the funk, it flowed into me in ways I haven't felt since I was with the Apostles back in St Andrews - real jamming, playing with the beat and the interplay was great: real chemistry.

I'm hoping this'll be the start of a great friendship, and the opening of a wonderful musical chapter - gigs, recording, and the redevelopment and sharpening of my funky bass identity. I'll keep trying to play Jazz for the chops, but I'm
focussing my energies on this project: I want to make a real go of it.

Jake's got so much material backed up and waiting to go - he's just trying to get the band together to play it.

Possibility of harmony vocals too: can't wait to really stretch myself.

I'll be pouring a lot more energy into things from now on, I hope...!

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