Thursday, February 10, 2005

Of Bands and Bikes...

Well, wish me luck. In 5 minutes I pack up for the day and roar off in the Xantia to go do my Motocycle Theory Test (gulp).

I'm not overly worried, but it's only human to have some butterflies.

. . : : Music News : : . .
In other news... had the first "whole band" experience with Jake's troop up Crawley way. Fan-tastic! The sort of high-octane funkery I've been missing for years, with musicians who can lay a groove down (great feeling for a first get together, I can tell you) and a pretty talented writer in Jake, who MCs the band really well. The man's got stage presence up the wazoo.

And he likes the Q-Tron, which is also brilliant.

Seriously, I was exhausted by the time we finished at 9:30pm, I played some of the best funk I've played in ages, and I get the feeling if I stay with them I'll start making some huge leaps in ability and bassline writing, especially in slap terms. That sort of "laid back" slap approach that pop/funk often needs, without insane triplet action - I played some of that last night, it felt like grabbing a rope that was just in reach before swinging across a chasm, then losing it for a sec, then getting it again... I want to nail that sort of bass playing!

Drummer's great, really solid - but hi hat patterns for soul music seem to wear him out :) In his defence, it sounds like he's really busy, with showcases, etc.

The only thing they're worried about is if I can commit to the project (love that phrase!) - right now, I think I'm committed, but what about those pressures... the upcoming move house thing, trying to ensure Nic doesn't get muscled out as I continually play gigs and rehearse, the crappy day job (which I'm having enough trouble getting connected with at the moment as it is)... can I tell Jake I can guarantee my fidelity? Hmmmm. I should be straight with him, definitely.

Oh - and I've ordered an automated Soundmaster mixing desk to control Cubase at home. Dog's proverbials! More later - gotta go home and get the paper bit of my licence. Oops!

Andy the Happy

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