Thursday, February 03, 2005

At last! Likeminded Funk Folk!...

Well, it finally happened... I hope!

I got the call last night - all those websites I registered with, and it turned out to be ads in the local freeads paper which do the business. I had that one call from the south coast about ferry band slots, which sounded like fun - but perhaps not compatible with even my relatively easy going flexi-time at work - and now...


I got called by a guy putting a funky act together in Oxford, which isn't too far to drive for the right style of music - and this is it. My influences seem to align with what they need, which is great (and certainly welcome! I'm not compromising again, I've spent time in bands I just didn't enjoy and it grates - it's actually detrimental to your playing, you wonder why you're doin' it at all...) - and I'm going up on sunday to try out, and show some chops.

Not sure what I'll be called upon to do yet - hopefully I can think on what to play on Saturday. Prob some Jamiroquai will fit the bill... wonder which one I should drag into the light :)

I'm rediscovering the Warwick again after an extended period of 6 string playing. I should really practise slap more often though, either that or work out how to wrap my index finger so the nail bed doesn't get completely knackered when I snap!

Now, to put a little more effort into the new practise regime... I need to print it so I damn well use it!

Snowboarding in a month... counting down... and my Motorcycle theory test is in a week . Time to settle down for some serious study there as well.

Oh well.

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