Thursday, January 20, 2005

Quiet day today. Non musical wise started the motocycle theory test book (sample tests, etc) as theory test is on 10th february. Got to put the hours in towards passing that, want to ride that bike out for the spring!

Musical wise been working on the biog for the site: wish I'd kept better notes or diaries when I was at uni(!) - I guess it's predictable that I didn't, I was, after all, having a rather good time.

It's proving quite cathartic actually: I suspect the history side will end up after a section detailing influences, style, techniques, experience etc so there's something quick for visitors to get their head around to see if I could match their musical needs. That's going to include both live, studio and orgnisational experience. I'll put my gear on there as well.

I've joined the newsgroup for the newbury jazz forum (see previous posting) so hopefully that'll help raise my profile. Although not as much as getting out there and playing! I might try to get to the hungerford jazz night this month which is a week on friday (i.e. 29th Jan), but I'd dearly love to have a piece I could play, preferably solo with a backing as Joost is dead busy at the moment - in fact, as I type he's probably in the end stages of auditioning for Leeds musical college. Pity to "lose" the only drummer I know hereabouts who would want to play the stuff I'm into (like jamiroquai or james taylor quartet) - but I'm totally stoked for him, he's doing what I wish I'd done. If only... Etc.

Noticed (in true dweeb style) that after I converted the smoke arrows at the ends of the menu bar into forward and back arrows, they don't work if you pull my blog window into the main lower frame(!) - oh well, no biggie.

Yurch too little sleep last night zzzzzz

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