Thursday, January 06, 2005

... and the madness was over.

New year, after christmas's golden glow brought on by Nic and I spending it here at home in rosemore towers, was nothing if not a contrast.

Contrast meaning we had 16 guests, that is ;)

Seriously, we had to pull the picnic table in from outside (pausing only to let it dry a little in the garage next to my pride and joy, Nellie the virago) and cover it with a tablecloth, just to get enough dining arses on seats in te dining room.

If you feel trepidous about "entertaining", my advice is go ahead and do it anyway - I pissed and moaned my way through the three days before guests arrived and I ended up loving it. Seeing old friends having a laugh at your place, bringing huge amunts of booze an snacks, getting hysterical tramping through pitch black woods before seeing the Rosemore/Manchester fireworks (my eternal thanks to Cridz for bringing the rokets, they were stupendous)... and oo and aaaahing at the london eye fireworks at midnight.

All great fun. My res for the new year has even been affected: positivity!

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