Tuesday, December 28, 2004

You'll Tide...

Christmas, eh? Who'd have it. Why on earth a deity has to prove himself occasionally by visiting the ol' creation stomping ground is beyond me. Good excuse to buy Nic a saxophone though. I'll have her playing horn lines from JB songs before you can say "get up offa that thang" (dooo-do! do! do! do!) - excuse my phonetics.

Still, it gives us an opportunity to tell what level of credit people have left. Funny how the shops are actually having to discount properly. Has the internet finally bitten hard enough?

I'm tired of walking into shops, finding out the prices on 100 pound goods are at 130 and being told "well, that's the internet, isn't it?" - high time the high street got competitive with a service where, let's face it, the goods end up on your doorstep.

I couldn't even get strings for the Ashbory in stores in the UK - I had to shop online in Germany! The postage was massive, mind.

I love it when I pick up a bass I haven't played for a couple of weeks and get a real blast out of it. Picked up the Warwick for the first time in a short while (working on that cover of "superstition" for joost meant I played 5 and 6 string exclusively for a couple of weeks) - man, that thing wails.

Wish I could find my Roni Size CD. I wanted to re-learn the double bass lines from Brown Paper Bag on the Ashbory. Would be fun to jam that with someone (prob joost!) on the drumkit.

Ho hum


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