Thursday, December 02, 2004

Recording looms...

Well, it's thursday and I've spent a couple of days working on the cover of Stevie W's Superstition by Nnenna Freelon. Great bass part, full of funky little mid- and high-register trills and fills for variety.

It's cool, the backing part has a lot of spacey feel about it. Laid back electric piano, skeletal swung 16th drums, great vocals: there's enough space between vocal parts for a little bass interest. And the bassist in this case, Gerald Veasley, has a great touch, with excellent vibrato and understated digging in at the right points.

I've got all the way through with at least a good interpretation of the fils, and the structure is solid. It's just a question of starting early this evening and polishing it up.

This'll be a first for me, recording with just bass and drums (no backing at all!) and trying to keep the feel without the melodic and musical feedback you get from other pitched instruments.

Should be interesting. And in my lunch hour as well.

Tch. Must kick this day job habit.

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