Friday, February 18, 2005

My studio line...

That one'll be totally lost on anyone who never saw the adverts for the haircare product line :)

Life is full of ironies... I spend a small fortune on a centrepiece of top tech (the new mixing desk) and my time gets constrained so I can't actually plumb it in until a week later! The poor thing's been sat on the floor leant up against a variety of things while I dismantle the studio and try to work out how to rearrange things.

Jake's set up in Crawley is pretty good. I don't need a keyboard right in front of the desk though (the cheetah would no doubt go through any desk I put it on!).

I do like the idea of using some other piece of furniture to make the desk deeper, then I could place the monitors further back and perhaps raise them. This little escapade is starting to persuade me I do need two flat panel jobs, so I don't have half the problem I've got with space taken up by the old CRT monitor.

Decisions, decisions... hopefully I'll have something I can use by the end of sunday.

..:: The Crawley File ::..
Well, it's a break in rehearsal for a few weeks while various people (including me, off to canada) go on hols. The last rehearsal was stunning - like I said in previous posts, I was deeply embarassed when I heard myself playing from the previous sunday. So I backed off, adopted some kind of strategy for building a bassline towards the end of a song, didn't experiment wildly... and it felt really good. I'll be spending more time listening to the tape I made then and getting some solidity cast about the parts I play.

I've also been entertaining ideas of using all this nice new studio equipment to record other people... perhaps for cash?

Speaking of cash, my pile of ebay-ables continues to grow. I need to leverage the unbridled power of this 1.1GHz laptop to get the calibration and customisation of that pile of GD35s into some sellable state!

And my dad loves his birthday present!

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