Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Politics, fear and loathing in vas deferens

Honestly, it's 2 days after new year (happy 2006 btw) and all I've heard on TV and radio this morning is that I'm supposed to be depressed!

I feel slightly evil for having a spring in my step, I can tell you.

I've got a theory though (as usual)- I reckon the life of a GMTV or 2-10Fm host is so empty 359 days of the year they want to drag us down-so sod em, let's smile in their stupid, dumbed-down faces! ha!

Geeky new yr, used streamsicle 2 mp3 the whole house: then got the radio stream out to Manchester, then sweden! I'm a dj! arf arf!

The 4 hour poker marathon until 430am on new yrs day was fun though. Texas hold-em!

The 6 string is now strung with Warwick emps which rule. Worth the cash. Also set up the poor thing, now it's really flying compared to the warwicks.

Hope u had a good one people!

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