Thursday, January 05, 2006

[ How big can a webcam go? Try clicking here! ]

The link is for the BIGGEST webcam I think I've ever seen at a ski resort. How on earth that one works, I don't know: it updates fairly regularly though. I wonder if it's sweeping, then creating the image, or if it's a fish-eye with correction?

Either way, the view is simply stunning. I can't wait to get out there!

The board is sitting in the bag waiting to be let out... the new bindings, with only a few hours use in them... my faithful and ultra-comfy boots, which are on their 3rd trip... it's so cool to have my own gear, well worth the rib I cracked in Val D'isere that time that paid for it all (insurance y'ken).

Music News
Well, Janeiro lineup changes aside, I've joined [ The BassWorld Forum ] which has some excellent players on there. It's been a long time since I've indulged in gear discussions, but I find myself enjoying it a little, especially as now (as distinct to then, of course, when all I had was an unreliable Peavey TNT) I have some good gear to discuss!

Rehearsal tonight... hope the atmosphere isn't too strange. I'm determined not to fall out with anybody over what's going on, I still hold tight to the belief that provided I can be straight with everybody about everything, and I don't contribute to ill-feeling directly, I can navigate a way to make sure I don't lose anyone's friendship, because we're all nice people :)

Ooo - and I get to dig into my EMP strings on the 6 string (I'm travelling light this evening, no warwicks on me!)...

Wish me luck.

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