Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Counting down the days.... board board board board



It's that time of year again! See, it's a bit deep and crisp and even somewhere and I really need to go slide down it on a tea-tray.

Not content with last year's magnificent efforts to end my bass playing career prematurely (see [ here ]) I'm off to Verbier (with correct size bindings and a good feeling) for a week of snowboarding on the 7th: wish me luck :)

The snow reports look good, and I've got a couple of good webcams in there as well -


I reckon this year will be cool.

Music news
Sigh. It's with great sadness I report of personnel changes within the band... but you'll have to see the Janeiro Webpage for more details when they're available.

Sucks a bit, this does.

In more positive notes, I finally bit the bullet and restrung the Tobias with slightly heavier strings (the 20s custom gauge I put on there were just too soft for my gig-hardened hands, I was pulling the strings everywhere!) - medium Warwick EMPs, a first for this bass (I usually use Stadium Elites). I took the oppotunity to modify the setup as well, bringing the action on the top 4 strings right down, and...

It sounds superb!

Oh well, gotta go. See you here with postings from Verbier! I did make a separate blog last year, but I've decided to keep it here this time around. Normal service will resume :)

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