Friday, January 06, 2006

Last night's rehearsal...

That was a little strange. I really should start asking Jake if they're going to be actual rehearsals, because although it might be a quick 10 minutes down the road for him to get there, I have to collect my gear together in the morning, get it into the car, drive to the office (about 35 miles) bring the bass into the office, then go up to Witney from here in Thatcham (about 50 miles), then set everything up and discover that I'm the only one who has, so we all chew the fat for a while about the name, and the new setlist... the atmosphere IS wierd because Dan is missing, and then I break all the gear down again and drive home (another 50 miles ish).

I wonder if this is what having a close loved one pass awway feels like? I suspect that once I have a chance to scope out this new drummer (although I do still have misgivings about rehearsals getting even less frequent as he's a session guy from London) I'll know how to feel but right now I'm a constant mix of numb, confused and slightly perplexed.

I must talk to Jake about the setlist as well. If I remain totally silent then I've no leg to stand on if I don't like particular tracks, and I'm feeling a bit invisible at the moment anyway - that wont improve if I don't talk more!!! I really want more uptempo funky tracks to play, where I can really dig in with a drummer.

We'll see what happens... it's all about the Ressurection, after all!

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