Friday, May 13, 2005

Moving completed... BUT...

Well, I'll include the odd non musical posting as well.
The New House
It's wonderful, the pictures do it justice. The internals are in a better state than Rosemore's, and very shortly we'll have a new boiler as the current one has been trashed by bits of chimney falling into it - they forgot to line the chimney (oops!) - we found this out the hard way when we tried to fire up the boiler on tues only to be rewarded with a thin wisp of black smoke on top of the house and an overpowering fuel oil fume smell inside it :) Luckily a little air cleared the smell.

Turns out this is a silver lining - new boiler = more efficient, plus it'll have separate timers for heating and water, which suits me.

The old house is quite forlorn: I didn't think I'd have any moments where I regretted moving out of it, but to be honest I don't think I realised how much I like the place. Got a little something in my eyes looking at the rabbits frolicking on the back lawn. Then I went back to moving furniture we're ditching about :)

Nellie the Virago is taking the luxury path to the new place courtesy of specialist bike movers, who sound like they really do actually care about the bike!

The new house is, of course, totally full of boxes, but Nic is doing a spectacular job of working through them. She managed to get the 2-man-lift TV out of the box and onto the TV unit thing herself, which means I'm now a little scared of her.

Had to miss weds practise, which I was really looking forward to, but to be honest my stuff was all over the place (the move guys were enthusiastic to say the least!) and I was exhausted after 12 hours of packing and moving stuff. I drank about a litre or so of red bull type linctus-sweet drink, so i figure I probably had about 400 MGs of caffeine.

The studio does not exist yet, but will soon. The new Warwick Pro Tube IX amp, BTW, still isn't in my hands but should be delivered (to the new address) on monday. Luckily they didn't have my address (or phone number, I might add - lost that bit of paper very well. I think the Bass Centre may be losing it a bit, esp since they became part of House of Guitars. Seems like they're not really on the ball any more) - so I could ask them to actually deliver it to the new address.

This sunday's rehearsal will be top fun, and the first run up the M40, so I'll be measuring miles and time. We've got to learn loads of new tracks in time for the first gig on the 25th, three half hour sets need to be filled.


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