Monday, May 23, 2005

Know your amp. Or at least the size of the %!?& thing!

I decided the 4U case from Stagg wasn't the best for the job, so I decided on a pukka (excuse Jamie Oliver quote) SKB flightcase from Flightcase Warehouse. Top speed delivery, it arrives today.

But you see, gentle reader, the case is a 2U effects rack. So not only is it not deep enough (I need 455mm) it's also not tall enough (I need 3U).

What was I thinking? D'oh!

Turns out, though, that FCW guys have a great attitude and good returns policy. As soon as I get the invoice I can return a copy of it with the goods for a full refund, and I'll be ordering a replacement 3U full depth case from them ASAP. I the meantime I'll just have to put some extra support into the stagg case somehow... I do have some ideas. :)

The Band
I love being in this band. Everybody is so full of energy, it infuses me with thoughts I haven't had for a long time. Last night, for example, I actually found myself planning a solo in "funks me off", replete with big machine gun triplet outro!

It's just so much FUN!

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