Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Curse the Bass Centre. Curse them and their nose hairs.

This isn't funny anymore. I rang on Friday from Rosemore during packing of the last dribbles of crap, only to be told they don't have any contact details for me at all (lost the stuff I filled out when I dropped it off) - not even a phone number.

This was actually useful in a perverse twist, as I could get it delivered to the new house. So I quoted them the new address, and was told "despatched friday for delivery on monday". Fat chance... no sign of it yet, now I'll have to ring them AGAIN.

They don't even stock the strings I need anymore: last time they had to get them shipped in from Birmingham!

Time to buy elsewhere, I think. Why is it always this way? You find somewhere you can get what you need, then they either get conglomerated or just bought out, and BANG... there goes the stock range down to the lowest crappy denominator (korean built bass fest for 14 year old kids with daddy deep pockets and only 4 and 5 string sets of strings)... same happened with Sound Control when I used to shop there.


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