Monday, May 23, 2005

Blimey! Of speed and where the loud things are...

Holy crap, that woke me up - the blogger new post page loaded ultra fast!

It's all good news, well almost.

The Amp Saga
I've decided to end this long-running battle to have my amp and have it working. To recap, the final story is now:
1) Get amp delivered 5th April
2) Finally purchase cabs for end of April.
3) Discover amp not working, just mains hum from the speakers.
4) Take amp into london bass centre myself (31 Kgs of it) at overall cost of around 40 quid
5) Amp takes 3 weeks to get back to me despite my leaving them my address and receipt details of transaction for guarantee job
6) TNT don't deliver despite Nic being in all day
7) Amp finally gets back to me and TNT have managed to play football with a 31Kg flightcase.

Seriously, the box the amp in the flightcase had fragile tape all over it, and it was fully of holes where crap had pierced the box. Nightmare worst case scenario for 1250 quids worth of amp.

All that was wrong with the amp initially when I took it back in was an internal connector which had fallen off. When I looked inside the Amp after removing its slightly bent (I kid you not) form from the case, 3 connectors and the frickin power tube were all flapping around in the case of the amp. Thankfully the tube wasn't broken.

I put the poor thing back together and it seems to be working fine - big volume test last night at rehearsal, it sounds excellent - but it's been shafted more by trying to get it fixed.

I'd recommend that if you buy anything from the Bass Centre, ask them explicitly not to ship by TNT, and that if they do, you'll send back anything which looks like it's been shat on by a neanderthal asshole in a luton transit.

I've decided not to go any further. The amp is currently working. If it stops, I'll get warwick to fix it, not the bass centre. There are dents and scratches on the body of the amp which give me the impression that it may have had some rough handling before it went back into the flightcase as well, but that's a different story.

I'm mightily pissed off with all of them, the useless bastards!

Still at least it's working, looks great and sounds better.

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