Saturday, November 13, 2010

Android experimental "Trojan" angry birds add-on

This was only an exercise in proof on the part of the researcher, but I'm afraid this marks the beginning of the end for android. Note where this story is, and it closes with "buy F-secure's crappy antivirus software for your android handset". All the vendors are pushing hard, just ask Graham Clueley from Sophos, who pops up all the bloody time regarding mobile security issues.

Those nifty 1GHz snapdragons are going to seem pretty crappy when antivirus gets in there. Stick with platforms which don't allow unsigned code to be installed BY DESIGN - why did google leave that backdoor in there? Idiots!!

Btw another rehearsal on the 29th, and the cheese keeps on coming. New strings for the Tobias I think.

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