Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finally, a little white stuff.

I've been watching the news about the north with a certain amount of jealousy - I know, grass greener (whiter) et cetera, I wouldn't want to be there, etc - but truth is I really want to snowboard in the field opposite again :-)

Now it's come, and it's continuous. Advising to the Met office (those famously accurate* people) this'll keep up until 1700 or so. If so, we'll be well and truly snowed in again in our little valley here in south bucks.

This is good. Quiet, peace, time to think, south east england forced to contemplate its' navel for a while - I believe B&Q withdrawal symptoms will claim several in Slough this weekend, as they are forced to put off choosing a new sofa in a range of ****ing fabrics (ta renton).

A little enlightenment would go a long way around here. Maybe people could wake up and realise we're being crushed by the government and businesses and we need to take the power back. It's happening now - people are rising back up, realising what's actually going on. Our government is not scared of us. They bloody should be.

(*this may be sarcastic)

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