Saturday, November 06, 2010

First rehearsal in a while... Oh yep.

Well, the function band thing has kicked off. The exploratory operation on 2/11/2010 turned out to be in a surreal location - the main hall area of a preschool in caversham! I was cranking it out surrounded by painted lizard cut outs on the Walls (one of which was labelled "tortoise" - education education education eh?).

Ts been a while since I did any serious live playing so it's fair to say I was worried about levels of preparedness. I didn't do as much work on the tracks as I wanted to, but I figured this was a get together to see what our dynamic would be like.

After about an hour I'd loosened up a lot: things started to flow a little. Then I realised I was dancing while I played and my face was sore. From smiling. Grinning, actually. This is what I was made for: the interplay, the vibe, the groove, the good feeling, the drummer and me tearing the roof off.

It was a little rough at the edges like you'd expect, and I don't have the tones ready on the pod yet, plus I took the synth with me and didn't use it (not sure if I need it yet - I could do the brass into on celebration I guess!), but it was simply glorious.

I lit up like a dusty bulb after the pullcord ping. Can't wait to dig into the tracks properly now, get them bang on so I don't fall into my Jaco habits when overplaying! I tend to bubble a bit.

People, live music is a joy everybody should experience. Go out there, do it now.


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