Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday social at the Bang Bar

What an odd wee venue! It's right in the middle of Basingstoke's own "central LA" skyscraper zone, but all the offices look like they're empty and a good portion of them look broken into! A long, deep bar, it's got odd colour schemes and reasonable acoustics.

Not come along to a "sunday social" before, I found out about it through Loz Lozza, champion of inependent music.

Trouble is, they had a big gig around here last night, and apparently the afterparty is still going. Elsewhere. So there aren't many musos here at all, which is a little sad. Not having a solo repertoire, I suspect I might manage a pint and then head back, but we'll see.

With a few people in it could def be interesting though. Bang Bar, it's at. Google for address.

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